このたびはZEROTRIBE WEB サイトをご覧いただき誠にありがとうございます。
ZEROTRIBE製品をはじめ、Bittydesign製品、RC MAKER製品も購入することができます。
ゼロトライブ 加々山 幸則

Thank you for visiting the ZEROTRIBE website.
This site is a WEB store of ZEROTRIBE.
You can purchase ZEROTRIBE products, Bittydesign products, and RC MAKER products.
Zerotribe was established as a brand in the radio-controlled product online mail order Razikon web shop.
The site was launched with the aim of making our products widely known to everyone and selling them to other dealers and customers.
I hope you will be interested in future product development and zero tribe activities.
Please contact us if you want to handle / purchase products at retailers or individual users.
We do not have an exclusive distributor system. Any shop / net shop / circuit owner can handle and sell the product. Please contact us.
If you are a manufacturer, dealer, or individual user and would like to design or manufacture original parts of radio controlled products, please let us know. I will help you.
We look forward to your continued patronage of our products.
ZEROTRIBE Yukinori Kagayama